I have 800h/sec mining hashrate and looking for cooperation

3个月前 1174
me 35%, holder 65%, messenger : http://m.me/george.dvali.583
  • my rig made 1.55bfc coins at 666pool in 5 days period using pplns, without mortgage, so 0.3bfc daily, with mortgage it should make minimum around 6.5-7bfc coins in same period, so it is more than 70% that i make now, what about miner 30%, 70% holder deal, need 300bfc coins since pool sometimes shows 1kh/sec hashrate (4Xgtx1080 + 1080Ti using pill and tdp 70% + some oc, rig is 100% stable and working 24h non stop) maximum 970h/sec,minimum 700h/sec daily average 800h/sec